What is MYSQL

MYSQL is one of the most popular used RDBMS. MYSQL is one of the most used RDBMS for developing web based software application.

MYSQL contains group of databases under which it includes tables.

We mostly use relational database management system to store huge amount of data into different tables and relations are establishing using Primary key and Foreign key.

What is RDBMS

  • Relational Database Management System is a software that helps to database, tables, columns and rows.
  • It will makes relations between more than one tables using primary key and foreign key.
  • Using a SQL query we can combine records from more than one tables.


  • Database – A database is a collection of records in a form of rows and columns.
  • Primary Key – It is a unique in each table. There is only one primary key in a table.
  • Foreign key – A foreign key is key in a table which is primary key in another table.
  • Table – A database contains group of tables which stores records in a form like excel sheet.
  • Column – The column contains only one type of data elements.
  • Row – It contains related record of one particular data.
  • Referential Integrity – It represents that a foreign key is pointing to an already existing records in some other table.
  • Redundancy – Storing data twice, to make the application faster.


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